UPDATE: Unfortunately we are having technical difficulties. Jeff is ready to go however he can't connect to the Google video service used to broadcast. The challenge of Internet in China. We have tested a few times during the last few days and even a few hours ago; all without any trouble but now are having no luck. Sorry. We are still committed to making a live broadcast session and will try to reschedule something very soon. - Aurelien and the JalamTeas Team


Later today Jeff Fuchs will be taking your questions live from his home in northwestern Yunnan's 'Shangri-La'.

Join us right here at 9pm (EST) and 6pm (PST). A few minutes prior to the start, you will be able to view the broadcast in a video that we'll place right here.



You can ask your questions in the comment section or by emailing aurelien@jalamteas.com.

For this first session we are also try something very innovative. You can join the discussion as a live member of the broadcast. It works much like a video conference call on Skype. Jeff and other participants will be able to see you and you will be able to ask your questions directly to Jeff on video.

Only the first 8 people to email aurelien@jalamteas.com will be able to join as an active participants as we have limited "seats" for this option. Reserve your spot quickly!

The JalamTeas Team