“Waiting”, a friend once remarked, “is a slide from frustration to learning…and back again”. And so while we ourselves wait for a new precious shipment of leaves with a revised line up of Sheng Puerh, we share in some of that waiting and uncertainty. We have though, reopened our online store as we await and we have some classics available, which include:

Yǒnghéng (永恒) Sheng
A tea region we have been contentedly sourcing from for our entire Jalam-Time, the “Yǒnghéng (永恒)” or ‘eternal’ is a name we gave this offering simply because we cannot imagine a time when this tea from the Bada Mountain region isn’t an ideal, offering of all the qualities a raw Puerh can offer up.

Beautiful raw materials from a late Spring 2019 harvest, from a region that boasts ideal humidity, drainage and isolation, this ‘eternal’ Sheng is at a peak ‘age’ to begin to enjoy. Young, with a sustained finish it is an ideal tea to set aside and age...though it is entirely ready to sip right now.

The Subtle (Wéimiào, 微妙) Sheng
Jingmai is both a region and a village and our offering carries some of the characteristic softer honey notes of the area. Another Spring 2019 offering that is at a beautiful age for sipping, it is lighter in intensity with more subtle florals - a great morning tonic before anything else is ingested.

We’ll continue to update on both our new teas and our new model. We’ve used this time to improve upon the way in which we offer teas, focusing on what we consider to be regions and villages that are ‘must-tries’ in our ongoing Sheng Puerh introductions.

Hoping that you and yours are well.

The JalamTeas Team