Happy End of Year Greetings to All,

As the days shorten (in the north) and temperatures drop (again in the north) we wanted to reach out with some news and updates about where JalamTeas has been, and where it is going.

We’ve enjoyed our subscription model over the last eight years and when we began there were doubts that such a model would (or could) ever work with a Puerh tea club. Because of you, it did move forward in ways that we never expected. Now, also in part because of you and your requests we’re taking a gentle step forward in what JalamTeas is about.

We’re moving on from the subscription model and will begin to focus on sourcing smaller, special batch offerings from older trees. Rarer finds, from an expanded space of geographies in limited quantities we feel we can better immerse in what we’ve long wanted to do: to get rare and special teas with a greater variety of flavour profiles -and great stories - into more cups. We fully intend on keeping to our commitment of story-telling, explaining the tea’s components and people and immersing you in as much of the southern Yunnan world (and beyond) as we can. Expanding both the regions we cover and the palate range that will be on offer, it is our intention to deepen the entire tea journey.

We’ve been getting more and more requests that we offer more in our Collector Series and teas that are discovered by Jeff on his sampling journeys – wherever that may be. And so, we’ve come to this point of being able to offer up those selections. When a tea is selected, we’ll update you by email so that you have the opportunity to access the tea and the tale behind it. No longer will teas simply arrive monthly. We’ll get more intimate with the story of how the tea came to be on offer and why it is something special to us.

Our intention is to remain true to our philosophy of sourcing new harvests and yields, but if Jeff finds something interesting in an appropriate quantity – regardless of age and source location – we’ll make it available.

This is our JalamTeas’ version of a small evolution. Each and every tea we offer from this point onwards will be introduced with a tale of where and how it was located and in what quantities it was available. That applies to coveted Spring harvests and to some of what Jeff likes to call the “underrated off-season gems”.

We’ve listened to you and now we are taking a step forward with the hope too that you continue to communicate with us about your preferences and comments. We’ll be improving our interactivity with you as well so that sippers can communicate with one another and with us about each new find.

For members, a few key details about your membership and payments:

  • December will be the last month and tea of your membership. As usual, you will be billed for your December's tea and it will be shipped around the 10th. December will be "business as usual".
  • We'll cancel all recurring payment permissions you each gave us in Mid-December. You'll get a cancellation confirmation email from our billing system.
  • If you're on gift or custom, we will make the appropriate arrangements to make sure you're made whole.
  • If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email or Live Chat.

Happy Sippings to you and hope to have you continuing to join in our tea journeys.

The JalamTeas Team