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The JalamTeas Club (B)

JalamTeas is launching a tea club and recruiting you as its members.

Each month you'll receive a specially designed 100-gram tea cake complete with an intimate story of each and instructions on how best to prepare your monthly dose of green.

Each Puerh is hand sourced in limited quantities by Jeff Fuchs from remote villages in Yunnan province of China. Every tea has a story of where it’s from, who grows it, and its health benefits. We will take you on a journey into the tea forests where your teas are grown. We will tell you the story of each tea, the people who tend to and havest the tea, and the health benefits that each tea has. 

Each tea is an adventure and each tea has a tale.

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  • This month's tea shipped to you right away.
  • A new tea to discouver at the beginning of each month. 
$19.00 USD