Via our JalamTeas Club, we introduces our members every month to a new tea. Each Puerh is hand sourced in limited quantities by Jeff Fuchs from remote villages in Yunnan province of China. It is with this membership system that when Jeff comes across great finds that we can confidently order these teas and offer them to our members at wholesale price.

Every month, after our members receive their tea, we release for sale the remaining stocks, first to our members for re-order and then, to the general public. Once sold out, we rarely reorder. So make sure you visit monthly to discover our newest addition. 

Discover what teas are currently in stock and available for purchase as authentic compressed tea cakes (100g).

At the moment, we are mostly sold out of our tea cakes. More tea is on its way from tea forests of Yunnan. In the meantime, you should consider joining our monthly puerh tea club.

April: Bada Mountain (Fermented)April: Bada Mountain (Fermented) December: Dien Hong RedDecember: Dien Hong Red October: Zhi Ye (Purple Leaf)October: Zhi Ye (Purple Leaf) August: Bada (Unfermented - Spring Harvest 2013)August: Bada (Unfermented - Spring Harvest 2013)
February: Meng Song (Unfermented)February: Meng Song (Unfermented) July: Jing Mai (Fermented)July: Jing Mai (Fermented) June: Pulang (Unfermented)June: Pulang (Unfermented) March: Nan Nuo UnfermentedMarch: Nan Nuo Unfermented
May: Zhang Lang (Unfermented)May: Zhang Lang (Unfermented) November: Pulang Old Tree Tea (Unfermented)November: Pulang Old Tree Tea (Unfermented) September: San Mai (Unfermented)September: San Mai (Unfermented)