Each Puerh is hand sourced in limited quantities by Jeff Fuchs from remote villages in Yunnan province of China.

Once sold out, we rarely reorder. So make sure you visit often to discover our newest addition.


October: Zhang Lang ShengOctober: Zhang Lang Sheng Gift Box: A Trio of Green and BrownGift Box: A Trio of Green and Brown July: Ba Ma ShengJuly: Ba Ma Sheng August: Deep Shēn ShengAugust: Deep Shēn Sheng
September: Ban Pen ShengSeptember: Ban Pen Sheng October: The Subtle (Wéimiào) ShengOctober: The Subtle (Wéimiào) Sheng November: The Sho La ShengNovember: The Sho La Sheng December: Yǒnghéng ShengDecember: Yǒnghéng Sheng