• April: Bada Mountain Sheng
  • April: Bada Mountain Sheng
  • April: Bada Mountain Sheng




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April: Bada Mountain Sheng

Club selection of April 2015 - This raw green Puerh is a classic Puerh with what Jeff calls ‘great qualities that should serve as some sort of example of consistent joy’. From the hands and trees of the Hani people near the village of Manmain, the tea has some of those wonderful slight astringent notes that tingle, dissipate and flow sweet into the throat. Long flavor legs stay in the mouth for long portions and the leaves because of their quality of each stage of production can handle many infusions. It is one of the teas we intend to carry once a year at a minimum and hope to include on our permanent tea menu. Discover Bada Mountain tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - A superbly made tea, regardless of personal flavor profile preferences that is well suited for sipping hot or lukewarm. Teas from this region benefit from high humidity 12 months a year and spend their lives growing on deep slopes (both of which are ideal for tea). Raw leaf materials in the area are excellent and some of the oldest living tea trees in the world reside in the forests of Bada Mountain providing great DNA for the younger teas and bushes. Excellent tea whose first infusion can be sipped rather than thrown away as it offers up a nice and slightly rough introduction to Bada’s wonderful range.

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