• April: Yiwu (Unfermented)
  • April: Yiwu (Unfermented)
  • April: Yiwu (Unfermented)




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April: Yiwu (Unfermented)

Club selection of April 2014 - Yiwu is one of the better known Puerh regions in southern Yunnan having a long history of providing tribute teas to Emperors of the past. Yiwu unfermented teas are prized by many Koreans who often arrive in person to southern Yunnan to personally source huge amounts of the tea. Mellow with flavours of straw, this tea was also well known for the long journeys that it took along the tea caravan routes. Yiwu has become much more known than many of its neighbours because of quality teas and its long history. During the Maoist period in China, the tea industry came very close to coming to a complete standstill. Yiwu is one of the 6 Classic Tea Mountains in Puerh tea lore. Discover Yiwu Unfermented tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - Yiwu teas are often referred to as the ‘Queen of Teas’, due to their rarely if ever being ‘bitter’. Known for soft flavours, and tones of straw and hay, Yiwu can be prepared slightly stronger with slightly longer infusion times if preferred. Though many drinkers prefer a raw and pungent edge to their teas, Yiwu made its name offering up mild, subtler flavours. It is a perfect ‘slow tea’ needing time and slight alterations to find the perfect strength. Though many shops claim that a tea may have originated in Yiwu, there are many false claims and it is one of the most ‘faked’ of all Puerhs simply because of it being well known.

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