• April: Bada Mountain (Fermented)
  • April: Bada Mountain (Fermented)




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April: Bada Mountain (Fermented)

Club selection of April 2013 - One of two 'black' Puerhs that we'll be offering in our subscription model, this is the fermented version of our popular unfermented, green, variety that we've already offered. Grown and harvested by the Pulang and Hani minorities in the Bada Mountain area, this tea has a nice smooth bite. We thought it would be the perfect choice as it has only a soft touch of the earthiness which marks fermented or aged Puerhs. It is an excellent morning tea that can be consumed on an empty stomach, and is also noted for its 'digestive' abilities after heavy meals. Discover Bada Mountain Fermented tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - Our Bada fermented Puerh is one of the smoothest black Puerhs that Jeff has ever sourced. It starts and finishes smooth in the mouth and a little tea goes a long way, with up to a dozen infusions possible with a single 8 gram amount of tea. The leaves used for this tea are between 30-60 years old. The fermentation process is achieved through leaving the dried leaves in a controlled environment, where both humidity levels and the amount of time are strictly controlled. Our Bada is kept for 40 days at a metre deep, while being 'flipped' or turned two times daily. While green unfermented Puerh's are sometimes too acidic or strong for some drinkers, black fermented.

SOLD OUT - We have sold out of these tea cakes. Loose leaf samples are still available. Please contact us if you wish to make a wholesale order.

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