• Collector Offering: Zi Ya (Purple Leaf)
  • Collector Offering: Zi Ya (Purple Leaf)
  • Collector Offering: Zi Ya (Purple Leaf)
  • Collector Offering: Zi Ya (Purple Leaf)




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Collector Offering: Zi Ya (Purple Leaf)

*** SOLD OUT - Wow this first collector offering sold out in less than 24 hours. Stay tuned as certainly do another collector offering again soon. ***

Collector Offering 2015 - Jeff has picked this rare offering as a lesser-known Puerh for our treasured clients as a first special offering outside of our regular club. Not many of these cakes exist in our stocks as Jeff decided to buy what remained in a trusted tea house.

With its signature hues due to the development of a pigment called Anthocyanin because of high heat, this tea is noted for its unique tannin profile. It is a thought of as a tea that is good for the heart by locals. These rare leaves are prevalent during and after intensely hot summers in southern Yunnan and though great in quality are not always easy to find. Harvest by the Hani people of Nannuo Mountain, these teas are both rare in their flavour profile and in the actual amounts harvested in the autumn of 2012. The Purple Leaf teas are a perennial favourite of our tea procurer, Jeff Fuchs.

The 200 gram cakes are a departure from our regular and trusty 100 gram cakes simply because Jeff bought the cakes as they were. The cakes are lightly (rather than tightly formed and come apart easily in the fingers. Discover this Zi Ya tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - With mouthy tannins that fill the flavor ranges, this Purple Leaf has had ample time to settle and become softer. Darker leaves, more subtle than regular sheng green Puerhs, this tea is a classic example of a one-off offering of rare vintage. It is a great tea that doesn’t need a first rinse…we encourage using every single rinse for one thing and one thing only: sipping.

Because of its age (an autumnal 2012 harvest) this tea has had time to settle and soften. It is a tea for immediate consumption as the Purple Leaf teas in our opinion do best when consumed within 4-5 years. They are not ideal teas for ageing beyond so we recommend them to be sipped within the next year.

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