• February: Meng Zhr (Unfermented)
  • February: Meng Zhr (Unfermented)
  • February: Meng Zhr (Unfermented)




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February: Meng Zhr (Unfermented)

Club selection of February 2014 - Meng Zhr unfermented (‘sheng’ or raw) Puerh is harvested and produced in Meng Zhr town near the Yunnan-Laos border deep in the south of Yunnan Province. The regions has become reinvigorated with its tea growth as its reputation grows and beckons tea growers from across Yunnan. It is an area that has a long history of tea being a prime ingredient in tonics for stimulation and healing. This tea is at its prime in terms of age to drink immediately. Unfermented (raw or green) Puerh. Discover Meng Zhr Unfermented tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - Mild and neutral, Meng Zhr teas are easy on the body and because it has had time to develop and ‘age’ for over a year, and has lost some of its already minimal astringency. A little more time steeping won’t hurt as the tea can handle it. It is an ideal tea for a pick me up and mild jolt of hydrating and doesn’t contain quite the stimulant kick. One little tip: by extending the time of the ‘first wash’ infusion one can remove slightly more of the stimulant (theine/caffeine) in the tea.

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