• January: Zhang Lang (Fermented)
  • January: Zhang Lang (Fermented)
  • January: Zhang Lang (Fermented)




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January: Zhang Lang (Fermented)

Club selection of January 2014 - Zhang Lang Fermented Puerh is from a town of the same name, near the famed Bada Mountains of southern Yunnan. It is a fermented ‘cooked’ version of our previous unfermented green version that met with such a positive response from our drinkers. It is a tea harvested by the Pu or Pulang people, who are one of the founding ‘tea’ cultivating peoples, and it is a tea that rarely makes it out of Yunnan much less, Xishuangbanna. Discover Zhang Lang Fermented tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - Zhang Lang is known for its abilities to create a sweet aftertaste in the mouth while still retaining its strength. It is an ideal tea to use both in the fermented and unfermented versions. The region around Zhang Lang has a relative humidity level of 85%, which is ideal for tea growth. The region is 100% mountainous and wild tea trees abound in this region, known for its abundance of wild animal life and many extremely isolated Pulang villages.

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