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July: Jing Mai (Fermented)

Club selection of July 2013 - Jing Mai fermented (‘shou’ or cooked) Puerh is harvested and produced in Jing Mai town on Jing Mai Mountain in Yunnan’s deep southwest, just above the border with Burma. It is one of the largest free growing ancient tree forests of tea in the world. Jing Mai teas have long been known for more subtle flavours making them drinkable immediately. Discover Jing Mai tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - Mild and flavorful, Jing Mai teas are great for those whose digestive systems are sensitive and who desire a tea not so astringent or stimulant in impact. Jing Mai teas are a slightly different species and their leaves are slightly smaller than many of Xishuangbanna’s tea’s. Jing Mai area has one of the largest old growth tea forests on the planet, and the trees are harvested by Lahu, Wa, Hani, and the local Dai.

SOLD OUT - We have sold out of these tea cakes. Loose leaf samples are still available. Please contact us if you wish to make a wholesale order.

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