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June: Ba Ka Ngoi Shou

Club selection of June 2017 - Consistently we go to the Bulang Mountains for great teas and this ‘cooked’ offering from the village of Ba Ka Ngoi is no different. Super smooth and a great ‘first month of summer’ tea we thought as well as being a ‘tea for the now’ as we like to call teas that are ready for consumption in the present tense. The leaves were harvested by the Bulang people and sent onto Menghai where they are processed using the pile fermentation method using bacteria, humidity, and time to turn the leaves from green to black. Shou Puerhs are often referred to as post-fermented teas because the processing method takes time and a kind of artistry that alters the leaves almost entirely. Light of stimulants and easy on the digestive track with not a trace of bitterness.

Tasting Notes - This is a tea that is fun to play a little with infusion strengths and times as it isn’t likely to ever really get astringent nor bitter, regardless of how long one infuses. Shou’s are more forgiving in this way than a raw Sheng is. The tea’s colour will darken very quickly but don’t be discouraged from trying longer infusion times to get a little more power out of it. It is an utterly smooth tea with some mild brown sugar or molasses aftertaste hints. This also works as a first thing in the morning tea as it isn’t too strong and it comes to the palate gently…just don’t brush your teeth before consuming as the flavor notes will be obliterated.

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