• March: Nan Nuo Unfermented
  • March: Nan Nuo Unfermented




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March: Nan Nuo Unfermented

Club selection of March 2013 - One of the ancient tea growing mountains of Xishuangbanna, Nan Nuo's various teas are often referred to by the village names from where they originate. Our Nan Nuo tea is from the village area of Bang Po Lao Zai, which is home to some of the most ancient tea forests in southern Yunnan. Within each forests there are informal boundaries which mark out which tea trees belong to which family. These 'gardens' are passed down from generation to generation. Discover Nan Nuo tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - Nan Nuo teas are traditionally of moderate strength and are perfect teas for those who prefer a lighter unfermented Pu'erh. Where our first offering of Meng Song has a strength that is immediately felt, the Nan Nuo teas are less powerful in the mouth but still have a 'long taste' that remains in the mouth long after. The Nan Nuo Mountain area is a ancient green belt of mountains made up villages of the Hani people and each village and family's tea is known for its own characteristics. Our offering of Nan Nuo is from the old tea forests that surround the village of Bang Po Lao Zai and it is a tea known by those in Menghai county as the "tea that is easy to love". Locals have a tradition of roasting tea leaves in bamboo husks which are left in fire pits. The resulting tea is a roasted almost smoky flavoured tea and has traditionally been used to reduce fever and body temperature.

SOLD OUT - We have sold out of these tea cakes. Loose leaf samples are still available. Please contact us if you wish to make a wholesale order.

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