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'If tea isn't offered, a relationship isn't offered'

- Himalayan saying


One of the globe's most timeless and vital commodities, tea, has inspired words, thoughts and deeds like few other plants. We celebrate its ability to both bring people together and to enhance the solitary moments. We also find inspiration from tea's understated and eternal role as one of the planet's great unpolluted fuels.


JalamTeas concentrates on Yunnan's teas, with an emphasis on the heralded Puerhs. From years of sourcing, writing and sipping the teas from southern Yunnan, we have selected teas based on taste, production, history and geography. We select teas that are not only 'originals', but also teas that are rarely, if ever, available to palates beyond Asia. Teas that are classics in their own rights with their own stories.


With each tea we offer, we will delve into not only the teas themselves; we will present the adventure and tale of each tea. Our own tea journey will trace and source teas from some of planet's original tea strongholds gifting a view and taste into the places, people and of course the tea itself.


Each tea is a journey and


Each tea a fuel