The JalamTeas Club

Discover a new tea every month with Jeff Fuchs.
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What is the JalamTeas Club?

The JalamTeas Club is a unique monthly tea club. Tea collectors are going to love discovering rare teas, and tea novices, reading up on all the information and stories we share with each tea.

Every tea is sourced and presented to you by Jeff Fuchs, the first westerner to complete Tea Horse Road - an 8 months expedition by foot retracing the ancient tea trade route.

As a member once put it best "It's like National Geographic that you can taste and smell."

How does it work?

  1. Subscribe & Receive a tea every month at your door.
  2. Discover your tea via a special adventure link.
  3. Interact directly with Jeff via live broadcasts or discussion pages.

Members receive a 100 gram tea cake that can make well over 80 cups. 

Of course you can reorder the teas you enjoyed the most a special member's only price. If you don't love the club, you can cancel anytime. It's simple.

Rare teas sourced specially for you

Each tea is hand sourced in limited quantities by Jeff Fuchs from remote villages in Yunnan province in China.

We concentrate on Yunnan's teas, with an emphasis on the heralded Puerhs. Our teas are not only originals and entirely authentic, they are also teas that rarely - if ever - are made available to palates beyond Asia. Each tea has a story and an adventure of their own.

Some of the teas we have featured in past months are: Meng Song, Nan Nuo and Bada, teas from some of the the 'classic' growing mountains of lore in southern Yunnan. 

With each tea, comes it story

With each tea we offer, we will delve into not only the teas themselves; we will present the adventure and tale of each tea.

Jeff, who lives in Yunnan and has long been sourcing from indigenous farmers, prepares a monthly online article giving you a view and taste of t the places, people and of course the tea itself.

Discover for yourself some of the articles, photos and videos that we have shared in past months: Meng SongNan NuoBada and Zhang Lang.

Your Guide: Jeff Fuchs

Author, tea source and dedicate of the green leaf Jeff Fuchs has sourced, sipped, trekked and written his way through tea's ancient sources and was the first westerner to travel the entire Tea Horse Road by foot. His long held obsession with "providing an adventure for every great tea" is one of the inspirations for JalamTeas. His subsequent book 'The Ancient Tea Horse Road (Penguin-Viking) and his guided tours through the planet's ancient home of tea pay homage to an ideal of tea adventure.

Jeff has been featured in articles and TV interviews: