Discover a new tea every month with Jeff Fuchs.
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A warm welcome to our members' friends and family. At JalamTeas, we hand source limited harvest teas that rarely, if ever, make it out of Yunnan direct to your door every month.

About JalamTeas

A new tea, hand-pressed into unique 100 gram cakes, with an introduction to the vital hands that pick and produce it, along with information on the altitude, and healing properties of the leaves are all part of the Tea Club.

All of our teas are hand sourced by our tea procurer, and award-winning explorer, Jeff Fuchs, who lives much of every year in Yunnan Province. He’s written for UNESCO and publications on three continents about the teas we provide and on the precious people behind each harvest.

We hope to bring an adventure that is both healthy and cultural into your home and make that crucial line between you and the source that much simpler.

Discover your tea and how to prepare it

To learn more about your tea and the preparation of it please select it from the following list:

Special Friends & Family Offer

If this tea and our concept of rare, small scale harvests with an intimate introduction of the plant, the soil, and the vital people interests you, we have a special offer for you. 

As friends and family of a club member, you can get 20% off your first three months when you join. Simply sign up using the following coupon codes before April 30th.

     $19 + $3 S&H     per month in CAD  + "FRIENDSA1"
     $19 + $5 S&H     per month in USD  + "FRIENDSA2"
     $19 + $8 S&H     per month in USD  + "FRIENDSA2"


We sincerely hope you enjoy your little taster pack and the tale behind it, and looking forward to hearing back from you, whether you enlist in our club or not.

The very best in sips,

The JalamTeas team