How To Prepare Your Puerh Tea Cake

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Suggested Serving

    While I encourage each drinker to tinker with infusion times and amounts of tea used according to taste, the below is a good base from which to begin the JalamTeas tea experience.

    Use fully boiled water, as the large leaf 'Camellia Sinensis Assamica' (Puerh) can handle the heat.

    I recommend not less than 6 grams per serving. Ideally 8 grams. Locals in southern Yunnan will use as much as 12 grams and wring out more than a dozen infusions, keeping the infusion times relatively short.

1. First, rinse infusion (to open the leaves and stimulate the enzymes) - 15 seconds

2. First, drinkable infusion - 20 seconds or more depending on taste.


3. Third to tenth infusions - I recommend increasing times by 10 seconds per infusion to wring as much of the full flavour from the leaves as possible


    When the tongue ceases to enjoy an infusion's strength, that is the time to begin a new with a fresh load of leaves.

    Don't be shy to ask me any questions about your tea leaves or anything related at You have my ears and I will get back in touch with you. 

- Jeff