Jeff Fuchs

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A long obsession with not only the fluid results but the culture and origins of tea have happily kept Jeff in Asia for the past decade. Living in Yunnan, China for the past years has kept him happily wedged between his two needs of tea and mountains.

He is the global tea ambassador and 'source' for tea for Templar Foods and also is the Asia editor at large for the award winning 'Outpost' outdoor magazine. Fuchs, along with Wild China, leads custom tours along the Tea Horse Road in western Yunnan.

Fuchs was the first westerner to complete the entire 5,000 km's of the heralded Tea Horse Road from southwestern Yunnan over the Tibetan Plateau and down into India - a journey that took 8 months by foot and cemented not only the route but the crucial timelessness of tea within Asia. He is the author of the resultant book, Penguin-Viking's 'The Ancient Tea Horse Road'.

Over a decade of tea exploration, articles and talks given on three continents along with national television and radio appearances.In Jeff's words "Tea is one of the globe's great adventures and fuels".

Jeff has been featured in articles and TV interviews: