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"Dipping into my first drinking of the Meng Song... was in meetings all day but was blessed with my disk of tea prior to meetings so I knew I had something to endure for... sweetness"

- Gabriel Fife from South Korea, Member since February 2013

"I have absolutely loved viewing the videos when I can. Usually this is late at night after a long day and I simply get transported to another world listening to Jeff talk about tea from his home in Shangri-La. Many thanks for the magic this brings."

- Simone Spano from Australia, Member since April 2013

"I enjoyed your artisanal product & the ease of handling the 100g cakes vs the large ones. The care that was put into the cakes was evident. I also did not see any detritus, dirt, or other extraneous materials normally seen in some cakes. Just carefully selected & processed Bada tea. Bravo!"

- Geary Wong from California, Member since February 2013

"I'm loving the JalamTeas! I got my first one this month. I've been drinking it every day (I quit coffee and replaced it with this tea) and I am SO much more energetic! My 'problem' now is that I have so much energy I don't know what to do with it! haha.. Whereas coffee gave me a spike of energy (which disappears after a few hours) this tea keeps me going all day."

- Shyra Demin'kwe from Ontario, Member since March 2013

"The tea you sent is exceptional! I have recently been serving it to my qigong students (2 hour classes generally include a 10 minute tea break). It is an ideal tea for the wen xiang bei (fragrance cup), as the fragrance and taste easily transport one to the land where it is grown and then to Paradisal realms beyond. I am reminded of two lines in a poem by Li Bai 別有天地非人間. "This is a Heaven and Earth beyond the human realm.""

- Kenneth Cohen from Colorado, Repeat buyer since 2012

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