• December: Naka Sheng
  • December: Naka Sheng
  • December: Naka Sheng




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December: Naka Sheng

Club selection of December 2014 - Another regular regular on Jeff’s menu, Naka is an area of much wild tea tree lineage and the region is known as a Hani minority stronghold that is obsessed with tea. Naka is close to the Nannuo Mountain range in between the capital of Xishuangbanna, Jinghong, and Menghai, in southwestern Yunnan province. Strong and slightly floral the area is known for many stunning teas in part due to the long history of great production and great raw materials. Another tea that is excellent for both present tense consumption and for ageing. Discover Naka tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - A stronger Puerh that is coveted by locals this is a tea that doesn’t need extra infusion times to enhance its power, Naka has long produced excellent teas. The Hani minority of the area is related directly to the Hani of the not so distant Nannuo Mountains. Many villages in the area produce teas using the same raw materials though differing slightly in their production methods. There are many ancient tea trees in the region of Naka which provide the basis and DNA for Naka’s excellent teas.

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