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February: Meng Hun Shou

Club selection of February 2017 - From southwest of Menghai city in southern Yunnan Province, we’ve offered this tea before in the Sheng (raw) version when we came to trust that there was more consistency in the production. Dai, Hani and Lahu minorities all occupy the valley regions and hillsides with the Dai dominating most of the valley’s prime agricultural lands. Harvested from relatively young plants (30-40 years), that overlook a valley that is famous throughout China for its watermelons. Discover this Meng Hun Shou tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting NotesA tea with a subdued liquor that can be taken later in the day without obliterating opportunities for a decent sleep because of lower stimulant levels, it is nevertheless a tea that refreshes. A great tea for increasing slightly the recommended infusion times as it is a tea that isn’t overly powerful. This tea also works well (if one must add additional elements) with additions of chamomile or chrysanthemum flowers.

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