• Gift Box: A Trio of Green and Brown
  • Gift Box: A Trio of Green and Brown
  • Gift Box: A Trio of Green and Brown




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Gift Box: A Trio of Green and Brown

A trio of Classic Puerh sources and a trio of leaves each portioned out into 8-gram single servings for a little variation. All high-quality teas, this is the perfect gift for the puerh initiate or aficionado. 

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What's Inside (12 tea balls)

Gold Foil (4 tea balls)

Your one and only cooked or ‘Shou’ offering from Bulang Mountain in the very southern tip of Xishuangbanna, in Yunnan Province is a smooth sipper carrying less stimulant hit than its green cousins. Leaves go through an identical process to the raw green Puerhs, except that in they will go through a process called pile fermentation.  Leaves are kept in a humid environment and have natural bacteria added to them after which they ‘develop’ over time.

Cultivated and harvested by the Bulang minority the natural qualities of the Bulang leaves seem to lend themselves to creating superb Shou offerings. Time and again we’ve found (as have our Jalamteas’ subscribers) that the Bulang leaves carry slightly more  flavor going forward for a Shou than other regions’ teas.

This offering is a Summer 2016 harvest from bushes that are around 30-40 years old.

Silver Foil (4 tea balls)

Your second bit of stimulant joy is a slightly floral and mild Sheng, or raw, Puerh from Nannuo Mountain. Mild with long flavor notes, Nannuo carries soft vegetal notes and the classic floral tangs that this mountain is known for. Mild persistent notes of light honey and herbs come in waves through the mouth and the aftertaste is soft and sweet.

From in and around the Hani village of Old Ban Po bushes from 50-70 years old have provided these leaves from a late Spring harvest in 2016.

The region’s teas are distinguished from not only the altitudes from which the leaves are picked but also from the village to village as the frying styles vary slightly. For each mountain a tea, for each village a tea style, and for each family a tea flavor.

White with Gold Ribbon (4 tea balls)

Bada’s deep rich tones have been pleasing us for as long as we’ve been offering teas. Some of the most ideal climate in all of the Puerh producing zones, sitting west near the border with Myanmar, isolation and superb raw materials make Bada a tea we have to offer up.

A long finishing tea that has had two years to age and ‘settle’ the Bada is ready for immediate consumption. One of the most ‘complete’ teas in terms of clean finishes and strength in each and every pour it is a tea that is easily aged as well because of its strength and depth. Hints of malt with a sweet finish are notable.

An early 2016 summer pluck from bushes that are 40-60 years old and from gardens at 1400 metres that are inundated with mists and 85% humidity for most of the year, the Bada remains one of JalamTea’s perennial favorites. 

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