• January: Jinuo (Unfermented)
  • January: Jinuo (Unfermented)
  • January: Jinuo (Unfermented)




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January: Jinuo (Unfermented)

Club selection of January 2015 - Jinuo Mountain is located out of the Menghai-Bulang tea zone and above the Mekong River in southern Yunnan. The Jinuo are one of the original tea harvesters and cultivators producing teas that regularly featured on the Tea Horse Road as well as further north into the ancient Han Chinese hubs. In zones between 600-1700 metres the Jinuo grow tea bushes, mid-sized tea trees, and of course their ancient tea trees. Vegetal, slightly rough, but immensely drinkable, this Jinuo autumn 2013 tea has already had time to age over a year, taking a bit of the edge away from the tea. This is a tea that is good to drink right now. Discover Jinuo tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - A medium strength Puerh that is toned down by its age (over a year since harvest), that has reached what many call ‘the minimum amount of time for a tea to settle. Locals in southern Yunnan believe that Puerhs should be 12-18 months old before consuming. This Jinuo offering has been moderated and had its edge taken off by time, making it immediately drinkable. Tea in the Jinuo language is ‘la’ and the leaves of tea (both fresh and desiccated) are often blended with other elements to create both medicinal and ceremonial creations.



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