• July: Nannuo Sheng
  • July: Nannuo Sheng
  • July: Nannuo Sheng




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July: Nannuo Sheng

Club selection of July 2014 - Green and super smooth our Nannuo selection is from an area near Pa Sa village deep into the Nannuo Mountain range. from Jeff is a great ageing tea produced by the Hani minority. Another of the teas that rarely makes it out of the regions that produce it, it is a Spring 2014 harvest that is fresh and vibrant in the mouth without any bitterness. This is partly down to excellent production that the area is generally known for. Nannuo Mountain is a huge area and each village and in many cases, each family, has a tea that is distinctive in its own way. The Hani believe that a tea is best consumed ‘new’ and fresh. By the time your tea arrives it will have already aged almost half a year. Consumed anywhere between 4-18 months is our recommendation, but as it holds some nice vegetal compounds, it will (we think) be able to age and develop well for years. Discover Nan Nuo Unfermented tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - Teas from the Pa Sa region of Nannuo Mountain are known to be smooth and ready for consumption immediately. Very little bitter tang remains, even though this is a 2014 Spring Harvest. The tea will age very well but is ready for immediate consumption. Jeff recommends slightly longer infusion times if you prefer a slightly stronger infusion as this is a tea of soft flavours. We recommend that one consumes this tea an hour or two after a meal so that the palate is ‘clean’ to enjoy the tea’s subtleties.

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