• June: Lao Ma E Sheng
  • June: Lao Ma E Sheng
  • June: Lao Ma E Sheng




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June: Lao Ma E Sheng

Club selection of June 2018 - Back to one of our long-favorite areas for Puerh sourcing, Bulang Mountain in the very south of Yunnan province and one of the classic Puerh regions south of the Mekong River. Lao Ma E the village and its Bulang inhabitants used to be one of a number of ‘outlier’ villages set deep in the forests on Bulang Mountain. Remote and very hard to access during the rainy summer months, teas were sometimes simply consumed locally as getting leaves ‘out’ was a huge task on its raggedy paths and roads.Its teas were long suspect in the processing and attention to detail. Not so anymore (generally). Lao Ma E’s slightly bitter notes are now coveted and appreciated and the local Bulang now can take some pride in this stimulant gem. Discover this Lao Ma E Sheng tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - We always include suggested infusion times and strengths but we do like to recommend with certain teas a little experimentation. This is one of those teas. Our procurer Jeff suggests a little longer infusion time than we recommend in our adventure link. Ten to fifteen second infusions will bring some of the vegetal and earthy elements out and surprisingly won’t hit notes that are too bitter. Give it a try as Bulang Mountain (and particularly Lao Ma E) Puerhs carry some wonderful earthy notes that are expressed in vegetal bite…and that little extra infusion time might just enhance those notes.

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