• June: Yi Bang (Unfermented)
  • June: Yi Bang (Unfermented)
  • June: Yi Bang (Unfermented)




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June: Yi Bang (Unfermented)

Club selection of June 2014 - Yi Bang is a town that has been producing superb ‘off the grid’ Puerhs for centuries. Set in lush humid zones, with nearby remnants of the ancient tea routes hidden within the forests, Yi Bang Puerhs have gone largely unnoticed in the world tea. Yi Bang teas have long been used as tribute teas to emperors and leaders. This unfermented Puerh was harvested by Hani and Han Chinese and it is from young bushes (20-40 years old). In comparison to most of JalamTeas’ Puerhs the altitudes that these leaves are plucked from are relatively low (800-1200 metres). Discover Yi Bang Unfermented tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - The region around Yi Bang is well known for its high humidity levels throughout the year and great soils. In many locals opinion the fact that this regions teas have not become ‘famous’ has allowed tea production to remain relatively sane, meaning that over- harvesting (creating inferior teas over time) is less likely.

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