• March: Bulang (Fermented)
  • March: Bulang (Fermented)
  • March: Bulang (Fermented)




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March: Bulang (Fermented)

Club selection of March 2015 - Smooth with a hint of strength this is a morning or evening tea with easy tones and less stimulant blast. Bulang Mountain teas and generally teas from the Bulang people tend to carry some nice slightly bitter notes that many seek specifically. In this cooked form, the tea has had some of its power taken away but makes for a superb example of what a cooked Puerh can be. We don’t offer many cooked Puerhs because we’d like to see the world of fresh green ‘raw’ Puerhs come of age, but this is a consistent and pleasing offering. Discover this Bulang tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - Soft tones with only a hint of the traditional pungent earth tones, our Bulang is a tea we often go back to because of its strength. Each season offer something different and over the years, Bulang teas have mellowed generally. Oxidized in small controlled batches this is a slightly stronger cousin to our Bada cooked offering. It is a tea ready for immediate consumption and is one of the only cooked ‘black’ Puerhs that we will offer for this year.

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