• May: Meng Hun (Unfermented)
  • May: Meng Hun (Unfermented)
  • May: Meng Hun (Unfermented)




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May: Meng Hun (Unfermented)

Club selection of May 2014 - A genuine special pick by Jeff from an area as well known for orchids and watermelons as it is for tea. Tucked into the north facing slopes of the Pulang Mountains in southwestern Yunnan, Meng Hun is a tea that has been ‘tamed’ by more consistent production methods. Jeff likes to refer to it as a ‘wild tea that has been tamed…but only just’. This unfermented raw Puerh from the Lahu people is one that takes the palate on a trip with its fragrant flavours and distinct vegetal hits. Discover Meng Hun Unfermented tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - Our Meng Hun unfermented is a tea that travels and unfolds through each infusion. Much like with wine or whiskeys, one can take the liquid sips in with a healthy dose of oxygen to facilitate the flavour spreading out. While a smooth tea, there are wonderful moments when the vegetal content of the tea hits the sides and top of the mouth. In many ways a perfect Puerh is one that gives you successive doses of shifting flavours and our Meng Hun is one such. This region has always had tremendous teas, though from season to season they have varied in terms of strength, length, and consistency. We wanted this on our menu so that it can be savored for what it is: a quiet and slightly eccentric classic.

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