• October: Bang Pun Sheng
  • October: Bang Pun Sheng
  • October: Bang Pun Sheng




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October: Bang Pun Sheng

Club selection of October 2014 - This is a fairly strong tea with some great floral notes. Bang Pun rests in an area with some of the best soil in all of southern Yunnan. Once again a tea from the dependable Hani minority where quality of leaves and attention to production detail come together in a great tea. The region is known for its series of zigzagging trails long used by locals to both trade (and smuggle) goods in and out of Yunnan. Discover Bang Pun tea even further with Jeff.

Tasting Notes - A tea that like Naka and Ba Ka Ngoi (which we’ve recently featured) has some strong flavour values that are in one old tea-drinking of Jeff’s, “dynamic”. This is a tea that can handle some extra infusion times or even a decrease. With its strength it deserves some playing with amount of tea leaves as well to make sure you find your preferred strength. Like our He Kai, some drinkers detect significant floral notes which is due to the heavy floral presence in the areas of Bang Pun.

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